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Strange New World (edited)
Memoirs of a Mad Poet Vol. III
On Alienation

I am a lone and a lonely alien
In this strange new world
From childhood I felt so much
Out of place
Sitting silent, staring dumbfounded
Family and neighbors all derided
Mother thought I was a
Dull normal
So was Einstein, supposedly
Mother exclaimed [to father]
"He lives in his own world!"
I do.Because it is better
Than this one.

Strange new world
I no longer know which one
I know
That I do not belong in it
The citizens stare at me
I am not a monster
Truth to tell
I play better than them
At being human.

I am alien. Not just foreign.
My home world is not on Earth
I have tried for years to leave
Like a lone airplane in its hangar
In a storm
Waiting for the abatement
When it comes,
I go.
This is the longer, more personal version of the former poem. It tells the story like it is.
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June 21, 2012
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