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November 27, 2012
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The cool heavy rain eventually revived Panther Girl, who stared at the storm too. A few moments after she had revived, the storm had worsened.  Panther Girl had attempted to remember cases in which a storm had erupted, but most cases had involved either an Old One or Miskatonic University. The storm raged for almost two hours and immobilized everyone there. Meanwhile, Professor Harnosette grew impatient and restless. He ordered a small carrier [which had been stolen from a local transporter] and headed for the museum grounds along with two assistants.
As the storm finally abated, the carrier arrived and Harnosette and his lackeys alighted. He was astonished at the scene. The lawn outside the main doors of the museum had become a virtual swamp.
"'Odds bodkins!" as Shakespeare had it. The British Museum is in a swamp! Hardwick, hand over the stone at once!"
"I am trying, Professor!"
"Merton! Sedgwick! Go and help him. Hurry!"
"At once, Professor."
Whilst the two assistants joined Hardwick, Purple Mystery used the diversion to attempt to filch the stone artifact. But Arnosette detected her and intercepted with a beam of eldritch energy.

The stone artifact dropped where she found it and erected immediately. However, instead of the lightning storm that it created, a countenance like the one on the cover of Necronomicon appeared on the surface. Its eyes rolled and shifted and eventually stared at the crowd nearby.
"By Jove, that thing is alive!" gasped Arnosette. "There be something awfully weird to it."
Arnosette hurried back to his vehicle and returned to his headquarters, abandoning both his lackeys and the street goons .A few moments after he had disappeared in the distance, the earth trembled under the artifact liked a Richter 5 quake and the soil under the stone split open. From the new fissure, a bizarre globular entity with spikes of various lengths and innumerable eyes suddenly  and slowly emerged. Purple Mystery had then revived and suddenly resumed facing off with Panther Girl, who was nonplussed at the scene.
"Being a superhero certainly is not dull work," she mused.
They continued to face off until everyone's attention riveted on the monstrosity that emerged.

Gi-Hoveg, a Great Old One
The stone artifact creates a face like Necronomicon and a small earth tremor that releases great Old One, Gi-Hoveg,.
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Another pulse-pounding chapter! Fun stuff, Michael!
Michel-le-fou Nov 28, 2012  Professional Writer
I faced trouble with St*ash Writer, so I couldn't add the Purple Mystery pic here. Too bad.
Uh Oh! Maybe it will work next time.
Michel-le-fou Nov 28, 2012  Professional Writer
It worked with my latest poem, I will try again with page 5.
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