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Morning Moments

For Puabi

At half past 9 my alarm rings,
To awaken me to another day;
But every day is special,
Although it begins like every day.
I rise and take a shower,
While she lies in bed to wait;
Then I dry my body and re-enter,
And urge her gently not to be late.
"Be ready, darling!"
We dress and go out together;
We drink hot coffee and take a stroll.
Hand in hand, heart to heart, eye to eye..
That is how to answer true love's call.
Morning Moments
How Puabi and I start our day. Hot coffee, a stroll and a lot of sweet words.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)

This is Not a Blind Date

Not Just a Blind Date ed. 23/05/2015


Chapter One. Suzanne Watson’s Blind Date

Many American teenagers feel that going away to college will be an adventure as well as a valuable higher education. A college or university away from home often lets them experience things that they might not experience at home.  Mostly, when a boy or girl is at college age, they are sensible, determined and reasonably mature to live on their own. Teenagers around the world discover each other at college, particularly at parties, and start to date each other. I had such an opportunity at university too.

One small Midwestern university campus in area, with its own small lake, had a strange story. A sensuous and attractive teenager named Kathy Meadows, 17, had enrolled at the university for her first semester. She was roughly five feet seven inches tall in bare feet, slender and fairly developed at her age. She had tender pear-shaped breasts, long blonde hair and brown eyes, a straight nose and medium lips. Her most attractive features besides her bosom were her feet. They were medium sized with thin toes. Kathy preferred to be called Kate or Katie, since her parents did that.

Kathy enrolled for the first time; so, she was not yet inclined to date boys.  She needed time to acquaint herself with the community and the campus. Instead of that, she met several other coeds at the campus and they became friends soon afterward. Her first new friend was a sophomore named Sheri Wilkes,18.  They met the first time at the student center of the university. A few boys in the center had noticed Kathy’s shape and features, but did not ask for a date. When she enrolled, the time was mid-March, and the air was fresh and warm, with a light breeze. It came off the lake and afforded good weather for refreshment and studying. Kathy had decided to remove her shoes and wear sandals or thongs after classes. Having completed enrollment procedure and accommodations at the hostel, Kathy had removed her shoes and sat at the table with Sheri in tan-colored nylon stockings. They selected snacks and chatted while enjoying them.

“So, you are here for the first time, eh? Welcome to Henderson University, Kate.”

“Thanks, Sheri. What’re you studying here?”

“Marketing. Have you decided yet?”

“No. So, you want to work with the market structure, is that it?”

“That’s it. You might try either Business Management or Economics. The departments here are rather good.”

“Thanks. I’ll look into them.”

After the snacks, they returned together to the hostel. Like most university accommodations, boys stayed at one side and girls stayed at the other side, and a short corridor with a hall separated them. Kathy found her room and noticed that Sheri’s room was down the corridor from hers about three doors.  Kate sat on her bed and thumbed through the course books of the campus. She studied the data on the two subjects and considered to study one.

Throughout the week, Sheri Wilkes had classes in both the morning and early evening; so, she was often unavailable to help Kathy. Kathy went to the student center or some other place and looked for other girls to chat with. She met a second girl, named Rose Greene. Rose was 18, like Sheri. They became friends too. Then, during a conversation, Rose spoke about the lake.

“Have you been to the lakeside yet, Kate?”

“I’m afraid not. I just enrolled this week.”

“Oh! You should go. It’s very lovely there.”

“I will when I have the time.”

“Good. You’ll like it.”

Kathy managed to find the time to look at the lake the next evening, after her classes started. Sheri was still busy and she went to look alone. The sun had begun to set, adding a charming vista to the environs. Kathy noticed the grove of trees and a small cabin on the facing shore. She memorized the cabin and asked about it, the next morning, between classes.

“Hey, I am going to try Economics here,” she began.

“That’s good. The department is well-staffed, here.”

“By the way, yesterday, I saw a cabin by the lakeshore. Whose is it?”

That? It belongs to a medical college graduate named Thomas Bradley Junior. He is a bit reclusive though.”

“Reclusive? You mean, he seldom dates girls?”

“Occasionally. I once heard that he likes shapely girls.”

“I suppose he likes breasts.”

“Well, what I heard, but I don’t know, is that he looks for hands or feet.”

“Hands or feet? It sounds like a fetish.”

“It does. But some girls can meet that.”


Rose Greene’s conversation had suggested something strange to Kathy about Thomas Bradley. He was a medical graduate and a bit anti-social but he dated sensual girls occasionally and liked their hands and feet. It seemed that he did not care about their breasts. That evening, in her room in the hostel, Kathy examined her features. She eventually focused on her hands and feet. After resting on the bed, she began to imagine dating Thomas Bradley. He sat with her in the grove near his cabin and suddenly caught her ankle.

“Tom, what’s up?”

“You have nice feet, Kathy.”

“Thanks! Call me Kate.”

“OK. You’re a pretty girl, Kate.”

“I heard you like hands and feet. How about mine?”

“Your hands are OK. Your feet are a bit sexy.”

“WOW! Thanks!”

Kathy shook her head a moment and woke. However, the next Saturday evening, the date was with another girl. She was a close friend of Sheri Wilkes, named Suzanne Watson. She was 18, like Sheri.  Suzanne stood five feet six inches in bare feet, was slender and sexy. She had an ovular face with green eyes and red hair, a small straight nose and small chin. But her hands and feet seemed to meet Thomas Bradley’s preferences.  That evening, she had agreed to meet him at the south gate of the campus, which was near the lakeshore. Near the gate was a dock. Suzanne waited for him until half past 6, that evening; but he did not come to the gate. Suzanne contemplated canceling the date and going to her room. However, by then, the sky was almost dark. Suzanne started to head back, but the sky and her thoughts and doubts about Thomas Bradley made her wander off the road. Soon, she was heading towards the dock. She saw a faint light like the glow of a kerosene lantern and headed towards it. When she was almost within its range, she saw a boy’s shadow moving around by the dock. She suspected that he was Thomas Bradley. So, she headed towards him.

At that moment, the lamplight illuminated the boy. It was Thomas Bradley. He was holding a small kit. She met him petulantly and asked what he was doing.

“Tom, I waited until 6:30 for you. We agreed. You didn’t come.”

“I’m sorry, Suzanne. I had to get something for our evening.”

“I really should go back to my room.”

“You’re canceling? We just got together.”

“It’s rather late. Girls should not be out so late. You know that, don’t you?”

“Well, join me just tonight, OK? I’ve been thinking of you.”

“OK. But send me home afterwards.”

“Relax, I will. Let’s enjoy the night air.”

He took her hand firmly and led her towards the water. There were a few skiffs anchored at the dock. Suzanne looked towards them and noticed that one had some cloths and a length of rope about five meters long in it. She wondered about it.

“Wait here, a moment. I’ll bring my skiff up and we’ll head for my cabin. ”

“Your cabin. Tom, I want to--!”

“Come on now, Suzanne. It’s just tonight.”

“Yes, but not across--!”

She felt him tighten his grip on her hand and struggled. She wanted to scream, to cry ‘Rape!’. She could not escape. Suzanne realized that Thomas Bradley had trapped her, but he seemed hardly lusty at that moment. She cancelled calling ‘Rape!’ She stared at him. Then, suddenly, he dragged her towards the skiff and her shoes were pulled off. Her stocking feet were exposed. At first, she thought that he simply demanded the date. But his actions and expression suggested otherwise. She gasped. Then, they stared at each other darkly. They both knew the truth.

‘OMG! Tom dated me to kidnap me!’

“Tom, please, let me go home!”

“I wanted this date, Suzanne. I’m going to have it, and enjoy it.”

“You want to rape me?”

“Haha! No. I’m not a crook. I’m studying medicine.”

“But it’s late and you—you tricked me. Let me go!”

“Not tonight.”

Thomas Bradley smacked her hard and she fell to the earth. She lost consciousness a second later. Thomas brought his skiff, with the rope, to dock edge and removed the materials. Before she revived, he bound her hands and feet with the rope and stuffed a small cloth into her mouth. He tied the bigger one over that. Then, he loaded her carefully into the skiff.

Chapter Two. Laura Carter Dates Thomas

Gossiping and idle chatter are either time-consuming or hazardous depending upon the consequences.  At the moment  when Suzanne Watson’s disappearance made  campus news, speculation was rife that she was dating Thomas Bradley. However, it was mere speculation since Thomas Bradley seldom dated long-term and, in fact, he had done something to Suzanne. Campus security had requested local police to search for Suzanne, and, if possible, for Thomas Bradley. But nobody could suspect Thomas yet.  While students sat in the student center and gossiped about Suzanne Watson and Thomas Bradley, somebody had joked that Thomas should try dating a Management major named Laura Carter.

“Guys, you know that Tom Bradley likes sexy girls. He should enjoy Laura Carter,” the girl started.

“Yeah! She has many assets that he would like.”

“Oh, like what for instance?” another girl asked, idly.

“Have you met Laura yet?” another asked her.

“Not close-up anyway.”

“Well, she has nice thighs and long, slender legs, dark eyes, small shoulders and her fingers and toes are all slender and small. She is hot lately. I heard her room-mate say that Laura’s thighs were moist with sweat. Her breasts must be too.”

“Ooh lalala!”

“Tom Bradley should try her next.”

“Well, there are exams coming on next Thursday, so he should be free on Saturday or Sunday. Let’s see. If I meet him, I’ll suggest it.”

“Monica, if you meet him, he may want you instead!”

“I’m free too!”

They gossiped until 7 PM that night. Kathy Meadows met Sheri Wilkes and they took a snack in the town. That was when they found a paper with news about Suzanne Watson. They both were shocked. Then they speculated on their own, but not idly like other girls. They shared ideas and suspicions.

“You know, Katie, Suzanne Watson has sexy parts.”

“I haven’t noticed. She’s not my room-mate. But you suppose that Tom Bradley got interested, huh?”

“He might have. But it seems unlikely for him to date so long.”

“Sheri, that first night when we chatted about him, I had a dream. I dreamed that Tom Bradley fondled my feet.”

“You think he has a fetish, huh?”

“Any guy who cares so much about a girl’s body parts has a fetish. But he seemed not so passionate.”

“Tom is graduating in Medicine, remember? I think that his lab work makes him pay closer attention than other boys do.”

“It would, I’m sure. OK. No more about that. So, where is Suzanne Watson?”

“Who knows? She may be staying at his cabin.”

That night, Sheri Wilkes’ comments had suggested to Kathy Meadows and she dreamed again, but not about a foot fetish. Instead, she had a shocking dream of Suzanne Watson locked in a cabin as a captive. At half past twelve, midnight, Kathy dreamed of the interior of a cabin, presumably Thomas Bradley’s cabin, and she heard the faint sounds of frightened, muffled screams of fear from it.

‘HELP! HELP! Please! He’s going to kill me! HELP!’

Kathy woke up, rather startled. Thomas Bradley was a graduate in Medical College. He may have wanted to learn surgery but she heard nothing to suggest that he was a psychopathic killer. She shook and tried to fall asleep again. She finally fell asleep at 2 AM.

The next morning, police and campus authorities interviewed classmates and friends of Suzanne Watson. Many girls replied that they had seen her in classes before the date. Since then, they had no news. The police were puzzled. Without clear evidence, they could neither suspect him of rape nor accuse him of murder. Besides, they had been urged to search for Suzanne Watson. The caller had simply said that she had dated Thomas Bradley. Nobody knew much about him yet.

While the investigation was in progress, Thomas Bradley had secured a large, thick sack like a gunny and some heavy stones. He packed things into the sack, tied the mouth and weighted it with a ten kilogram stone. Then, he dragged it to the lakeshore about two kilometers from his cabin and tossed it into the water. The sack weighed thirty five kilograms and was about five feet seven inches long. That was Suzanne Watson’s height. Thomas finished dumping and went indoors. One hour later, he emerged to wait for Laura Carter.

Laura Carter had not agreed to date him just yet. Instead, she wanted to enjoy a view of the lake alone. So she went to the campus side of the lake after her last exam, around 6 PM, chose a watch site. Like Kathy Meadows, Laura had spotted the cabin. She had learned after her classes that Thomas Bradley had stayed there. She wanted to meet him on her own. Laura had gone boating on her holidays, before that semester; so, she secured a skiff and climbed aboard. Then, she grabbed an oar, released the skiff and rowed across the lake to his side. Laura reached Thomas Bradley’s shore at 7 PM and found the cabin. She walked up casually to the door and knocked softly. Thomas was at home and answered.


“Hello! My name is Laura Carter. You’re Tom Bradley, right?”

“That’s right. Did you come by yourself?”

“Yeah! I know how to row a skiff.”

“Good! Are you asking for a date tonight, Laura?”

“Not really. I did want to meet you though.”

“OK, here I am.”

“I heard that you’re graduating at Med School. That must be hard!”

“It is. This semester, I am in surgical lab and our exams will be given in OR.”

“WOW! That’s incredible. I wish you luck with them. Hey, I should go back. It will be 8 before long.”

“You spent time and effort to come. You should stay a while. I’ll take you back.”

“Uh, OK. But only one hour.”

“No problem. Would you like a drink?”

“Beer is fine.”

“Wait there. I’ll bring it.”

Thomas Bradley left Laura in the parlor and, supposedly, headed for the kitchen. Along the way, he collected some supplies which included ropes, cloths, a small hypodermic syringe and 10cc of a drug like chloroform to inject her if she resisted. He went to the kitchen and removed two half liter bottles of beer. He carried them back to the parlor and set them on a small table. Laura Carter was not there. He called her.

“Laura, where are you?”

Laura Carter had toured the cabin, but she missed him.  She headed for his bedroom and suddenly spotted small silk panties under the bed.  She suspected that they belonged to Suzanne Watson. She pulled them out from under his bed and stuffed them into a pocket. Then she returned to the parlor. While they drank beer, she showed the panties to Thomas Bradley.

“Tom, whose panties are they? Are they Suzanne Watson’s?”

“Drink! I have to take you back soon.”

“Tell me! Did you rape Suzanne Watson? Did you kill her? What’s going on, Tom?”

He did not reply.  Laura realized that he had done something terrible to Suzanne Watson; but she had no time to conclude her suspicions. Thomas gulped the rest of his beer and leapt at her. He knocked her out and opened her mouth. Then, he stuffed Suzanne Watson’s panties into it and tied a medium long cloth over it. He bound Laura’s wrists and elbows with rope, behind her back. Then he removed her shoes and examined her feet. He admired the shape for a moment, and then he bound her knees and ankles together tightly.

Chapter Three. Kathy Meadow’s Chance

Kathy Meadows by Michel-le-fou

The weekend following her first exams of the semester, Kathy Meadows had a chance to try to date Thomas Bradley.  A coed would be thrilled to date someone special like Thomas Bradley under ordinary circumstances. But , while she and her friends were relaxing on campus or in the town, Kathy had been following up on the disappearances of Suzanne Watson and, more recently, Laura Carter. There were still rumors about long term dating that she refused to believe. Instead, Kathy believed that Thomas Bradley was eccentric and consequently bad prospect for a long term date. Before her date, she confessed to Sheri Wilkes that she dreamed about a cabin like Thomas Bradley’s cabin.

“Sheri, after Laura Carter met Tom, I dreamed of Tom’s cabin and heard calls for help. Well, I ‘m not sure it was his but it looked like his.”

“WOW! Kate, are you psychic?”

“Psychic? No. I’m positive that our conversations caused these dreams. I’m a bit intuitive though. Anyway, I doubt that Tom has been dating long now.”

“What could have happened to them?”

“Well, anyone’s guess. The police still lack evidence of murder. Tom doesn’t seem dangerous like a psycho but he seems a bit eccentric.”

“He may be. What are you going to do next?”

“I’ll try to meet him and find out.”

“OK. Beware, though.”

“I will.”

“You aren’t studying Police Sciences, right?”

“No, Economics. But I used to read detective stories at home.”

“That figures.”

Kathy Meadows waited for the weekend and Thomas Bradley agreed to meet her on that Sunday evening at 6 PM, like Suzanne Watson. They met at the dock of the campus side of the lake and Thomas Bradley moored his skiff momentarily. Kathy  was impressed that he could row skiffs. He climbed aboard and helped her in. To please him, she lied that she could row one and after about twenty meters, he handed her the oars. Kathy was a bit nervous, specially that he monitored her closely, and tried to aim for the center of the lake. Surreptitiously, he watched her breasts move as she rowed .She managed to clear that with some trouble. She was sure that he knew that she lied. He did not react. However, when they approached his side, Kathy moved a bit unnecessarily ad made the skiff capsize. Thomas righted it easily and climbed in; then, a bit seriously, he pulled her aboard and stared at her. She knew he was upset. When she was sitting normally on board, he demanded the oars.She watched his face an d knew he was angry.

“Tom, I’m sorry. “

“You lied, Katie. Why?”

“I wanted to impress you.”

“From now on, just sit still and leave rowing to me. OK?”


He rowed to the shore and tethered his skiff. She knew that he was still angry but she wondered whether he was holding a grudge. He seemed to be angry longer than normal boys she met. He seemed to be a bit unbalanced. She shuddered. 

Thomas Bradley helped her alight at the shore calmly. He led her to the threshold of the cabin and unlocked his door; and then, he admitted her into the parlor. His cabin resembled the one in her dream very clearly, but she could not tell him. His manner demanded her silence. She went to sit in a small chair.

“Well, this is my abode for the year,” he said, casually. “What do you think?”

“It’s very charming.”

“Thanks. Katie, I apologize for my quick temper but you shouldn’t lie. Tell the truth from now on, OK?”

“OK. You’re right, Tom. Really, I’m sorry.”

“How about a drink?”

“Beer is OK.”

“Fine. Wait here.”

While Thomas Bradley went for his materials, Kathy Meadows looked around his parlor. Suddenly, she noticed a loose plank in the floor near his easy chair and worked to open it. After a few seconds, it lifted and she discovered two silk panties. Kathy shuddered again. She wondered why he kept the panties but did not suspect rape or murder at that moment. Then, she heard his footsteps approach the parlor and hurried back to her seat. Thomas emerged with the materials and two half-liter bottles of beer. He set the bottles on the table and sat down. They chatted harmlessly while drinking.

“Tom, did you once date a girl named Suzanne Watson?”

“Yeah. Do you know her?”

“We just met on campus. This is my first year.”

“You’re a freshie, huh? Interesting. What’s your major?”


“The department is good here.”

“How about Laura Carter or Sheri Wilkes?”

“I met Laura Carter, but not as a date.”

“I heard that you’re majoring in Medicine.”

“This year, I am studying surgery. It is rather rigorous.”

“I’m sure. Bear up, though.”

“I do.”

“Tom, do you like girls’ features?”

“If you mean their physical assets, from the viewpoint of a Medical student, yes. I have seen some nice girls. If you mean a fetish, then, no.”

At that moment, she confessed to him that’s he dreamed of him fondling her feet. Thomas laughed. He did not seem really dangerous at that moment. However, dangerous and criminal minds can still conceal true feelings and ulterior motives. They finished their drinks and Kathy suddenly felt tired. She eventually fell asleep in the chair. She slept there for one hour.

When she awoke, Kathy found herself in a small, dark room like a shed or a basement. She tried to stand up and collapsed on the floor. She struggled and moved and finally realized that she was bound. She tested her hands and feet and concluded that they were bound tight. The air touched her and Kathy realized that she was wearing only her lingerie.  She tried to scream and call for help, but a muffled, incoherent noise emerged instead. Kathy realized that’s he had been gagged too. She was puzzled and scared. Thomas Bradley had tied her up and gagged her and taken her to the room. Immediately after that, Kathy suspected rape. Suddenly, Thomas Bradley seemed to be a closet psycho, concealing his true nature behind normal conditions. The sound of his footsteps approaching her brought her back to the moment. Thomas entered and held the syringe he used with Laura Carter. She noticed it fearfully.

“Tom, what are you--?”

“Katie, I want you to see something. Come.”

He loosened her feet and pulled her to stand up. Then he led her into an adjacent room. It was as small as the one she sat in. There were two shelves along the wall. The room was unpainted and unfurnished, but contained a large, heavy sack. It seemed to be a store room. But instead of the usual supplies, there were two severed girls’ heads. Kathy recognized them immediately.

‘OMG! That’s Suzanne Watson. The other must be Laura Carter.’

“Tom, why—?“

“I like to keep mementos of my dates, Kate. You know that one, I’m sure. You’re next. Look there.”

He pointed to the other shelf, about ten meters from the first one, and she saw two pairs of girls’ feet. Kathy stared at them. Suddenly, she realized his ulterior motive. Thomas Bradley accepted to date them, and brought each victim to his cabin. Then, he drugged them with a drink or something and dismembered them. While she stared at the feet, Thomas filled his syringe with 12 cc of tranquilizer and thrust it into her chest. Kathy succumbed after a few seconds. She did not revive.

After an hour, Thomas Bradley concealed her lingerie and loaded her parts into the sack. He tied the mouth of thesack tightly and carried it out to the shore, where he weighted it with a heavy stone and tossed it into the lake at fifteen kilometers from his cabin. He returned to the cabin and proceeded to store her head and feet. He laid her head along with Suzanne Watson’s and laid her feet with the other two pairs. Kathy Meadows would never realize that Thomas had decapitated her and the other girls to conceal their identities. The heads were not his mementoes; their feet were.

This is Not a Blind Date
This is the full-length update of a previous deviation, in which I described the conversations and minds of the characters, specifically the three victims, including Kathy. The antihero is a closet psycho without fetish for girls' bodies and no ulterior motive to rape them. However, he dismembers them and throws their mutilated parts into the lake. Chapter Three is about Kathy and I tried to follow the plot of a former HS story about her. She capsizes his skiff and that triggers his moods. Finally she discovers two heads and pairs of feet [he shows them to her and warns her that hers are next.] They belong to the first two victims. But Kathy is too late to realize that he decapitated them to conceal their identities. He collects girls' feet.
Throughout the story, the local police try to find the missing coeds and prove murder, but they have no evidence.

Source: videos including Cabin by the Lake.


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