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The Transformation* of Malcolm Goodrich

Malcolm Goodrich, 28, reclined in his bed in Providence Memorial Hospital and awaited the surgeon’s diagnosis of his problem. The surgeon arrived at his bedside with a nurse of 26 years and looked at Malcolm rather gravely.  He carried the case history of Malcolm’s condition under one arm. Malcolm knew that something was wrong from the surgeon’s expression.

“I am afraid that you will have to stay here a few days more, Mister Goodrich.”

“Well, seeing that I have nowhere else to go yet, it doesn’t matter. What is new, Doctor Edelstein?”

“Your condition. It has not got worse, but we are still analyzing it. We should conclude by then. We will tell you everything we know.”

“That is just fine.”

They returned to the surgeon’s office, leaving Malcolm wondering what they had learned.  Occasionally he felt his lower jaw. He remembered, vaguely, that he had been on a short holiday in the North Atlantic states including Massachusetts, about three weeks prior to his internment. He had toured Salem and Arkham, and was traveling through Innsmouth. Malcolm tried to remember, more clearly, what had happened to him in Innsmouth; but something in him wanted to forget, and it seemed to prevail at that moment.

In the surgeon’s office, Doctor Reginald Edelstein and his nurse reviewed the case. The nurse, Florence Chapel, felt perplexed and shocked with the findings.

“Doctor, Malcolm Goodrich has—transformed,” she murmured, emphasizing ‘transformed’ nervously.

“Yes, I know, Miss Chapel.”

“We should warn him.”

“We will.”

She continued to gape at the x-ray of the patient’s head. It revealed a protracted lower jaw with short jagged teeth, like a predatory deep sea fish.  Malcolm had felt the difference too, at the moment he was interned; but, at that time, he could not explain it. Then, one evening in the hospital, while he rested, he suddenly remembered the events in Innsmouth. He had stopped for a few nights there, en route from the state. He had suddenly felt tired and very hungry; so, he made a simple line and went to the pier to fish. The sky grew dark overhead, directly, a few seconds later. Suddenly, something dragged him underwater. But that was all he could remember.

The next day, Doctor Reginald Edelstein visited Malcolm Goodrich again; but, despite Nurse Chapel’s insistences, he declined to warn Malcolm Goodrich immediately. Nurse Chapel was puzzled and disturbed; so she returned to the office. Her intuition prodded her to search for something. She discovered something that made her gasp loudly enough that, strangely, Doctor Edelstein heard her.

Nurse Chapel had discovered some unknown data about Malcolm Goodrich. She learned that he was in fact a relative of the late preacher Horace V. Gilman1, who had met the same fate as Malcolm Goodrich. Gillman had been at the harbor one evening, after a sermon, and something dragged him underwater. Then, he had transformed. Goodrich had said his family name was Goodrich, when they interned him; but it was really Gil(l)man. Nurse Chapel could not understand why he had said that. Furthermore, Doctor Edelstein had not mentioned that, and that made her suspect something more. She continued to search his office. She discovered even more shocking data: Doctor Reginald Edelstein was an out-of-towner, hailing from Innsmouth.

*The "Innsmouth Look"
1. Horace Gilman is my OC who transforms.

The Transformation of Malcolm Goodrich page 1
Malcolm Goodrich is a patient at a Providence R.I hospital where he undergoes the transformation, the "Innsmouth Look"; but his nurse discovers two shocking facts. The first is that Goodrich is related to my earlier OC Horace Gillman, who also gets the look; the second is that the surgeon hails from Innsmouth.

The Strange High House

Chapter Seven. Conclusion

The second round of this eldritch bout was more furious than the last one. Energy bolts flew, flashed and struck sundry surrounding objects like streaks of lightning. Occulta was totally conscious by then, and she leapt out of range of Dastardly Disruptor’s bolts. Meanwhile, amidst the fury of this exchange, Black Man assumed his original appearance as Nyarlathotep and summoned fresh energy from the Outer Gods.

Below, in the parlor, the fire continued to rage and flare powerfully; but it had consumed neither the hearth nor surrounding structures. Elizabeth’s eyes materialized in the midst and glared at the great Old One fearlessly. Yog-Sothoth wailed and responded to her with violent outbursts of eldritch energy. 

Dastardly Disruptor continued to aim his energy at Occulta to repel her or dispatch her into his great grandfather’s dimension.

“Get through the Gate, girl!” he barked.

“Make me!”

“That, I shall!”

While they continued their exchange, Nyarlathotep sent the mummy through the Gate into Yog-Sothoth’s dimension. Then, he followed it and vanished. He was bound for the Outer Gods. Donald Whateley raised a fresh copy of Necronomicon and muttered a phrase from it. Occulta remained fearless and resolute. During the final exchange, Yog-Sothoth yelped painfully; and then, suddenly, the house trembled and shuddered with the strength of Richter 6. It seemed that the house would finally crumble at its foundation.  It started to. Then, Dastardly Disruptor  was swept through the Gate after Nyarlathotep. He screamed and disappeared. In the midst of the ultimate destruction of the high house, Occulta transported herself and Thelonius’s belongings to her room at the guesthouse. Then, she resumed her identity as Melody Ann Chambers.  She contacted Thelonius that the house collapsed an she had his bags with her. He was grateful. She telephoned the Department to postpone for one day, so she could rest. They agreed, learning about the house. Finally, she telephoned Monica Campbell and reported her case. Monica was duly impressed.

“Well! It’s all in a day’s work for a superhero, Melody Ann.”

“It certainly is, Monica.”

The Strange High House-Conclusion
Dastardly Disruptor attempts to send Occulta through the Gate to the Outer Gods, but she has revived and matches him bolt for bolt. Meanwhile, her mentor has challenged Yog-Sothotgh itself in the parlor. The result is the final destruction of the house. Dasatardly Disruptor follows Nyarlathotep, who has resumed his original guise, and the reporter's mummy into the Gate. Occulta rescues the student's bags and escapes to her room. She postpones the internship to rest and then she calls Monica Campbell.


Michel-le-fou's Profile Picture
Michael Rubin
Artist | Professional | Literature
I have been writing since secondary school where I began to receive recognition for my fiction as class assignments. In university I was a section editor for the school newspaper and continued writing stories and poetry as well as news articles and editorials. I received several awards. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from a good university and went abroad, to teach ESL to support my interests, [Writers never earn enough by writing!] I earned good pay and recognition for my skill in teaching too. Recently, I edited and wrote several dissertations. The students I wrote for passed viva voce and got degrees.
My principle genres of fiction are horror and science fiction. Conditions do not warrant me to write long stories like before, but I can manage 10 pages.

Current Residence: Thailand
deviantWEAR sizing preference: xl
Favourite genre of music: rock and jazz
Favourite style of art: surrealism
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: For the past 6 months I switched to iTunes
iFovourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny, doc!
Personal Quote: We do with our dreams and our imagination what is impossible to do in real life

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