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TUFantasy 2017 The Wine Cellar by Michel-le-fou
Mature content
TUFantasy 2017 The Wine Cellar :iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 1 2
A Very Separate Cell by Michel-le-fou
Mature content
A Very Separate Cell :iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 1 2
Straight Ahead, Inspector by Michel-le-fou
Mature content
Straight Ahead, Inspector :iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 2 2
On the House
On the House
Pour your heart out, mate!
"Have another strong one on me, lad. You're looking really down tonight."
"I am, mate. Thanks."
"Now, whilst I pour you this drink, pour out your li'l heart to me."
I paused to recollect as far as I could. Slowly, my days at university returned to my memory. He filled my glass, then he filled his. He looked at me calmly and listened.
"It all started in university, mate. Sheryl Atwill and I were in the same department, the Department of English,with exactly the same goal, to be writers. That thrilled me. Occasionally, we met each other in the library, when we went for our sources. I hoped, and expected, that she would either live alone and continue to write or marry someone supportive. Neither proved to be the case. Her boyfriend at college was the captain of the football team, a diehard athletic chap. He was very unaesthetic."
"Well! Most of us here know that athletic types like him have little-or no-awareness of art, lad.
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 3 0
Mature content
International Student Hostel :iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 2 7
Not Really a Ticklish Situation by Michel-le-fou
Mature content
Not Really a Ticklish Situation :iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 2 6
Another Unexpected Visit by Michel-le-fou
Mature content
Another Unexpected Visit :iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 1 2
A Dark Date at Blackwood Mansion by Michel-le-fou
Mature content
A Dark Date at Blackwood Mansion :iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 2 0
Analyze It!
Analyze It!
How to dispose of sundry fears and worries
Fear is a sensation that arises in human mind from various experiences and feelings which the fearful individual is or seems to be unable to understand. Instead, he or she simply reacts to it. The more he reacts, the more serious it becomes for him. But it has been said years ago that the only thing we really have to fear is Fear itself. The best, and perhaps the wisest, solution is to resolve to face it and analyze it. The moment that we sit still and analyze something, it disappears. A fear or a worry is a problem confronting us that we have to solve. Don't simply react to it. Analyze it. More than once, while I lived in India, I sat and analyzed something. I understood that those who fear a haunting were those who had wronged the person whose ghost they feared. That fear was always born from guilt and fear of reprisal. But in all my life, I never hurt anyone to the extent that his or her ghost would haunt me. An
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 4 4
So Alone
So Alone
One evening in late April, I don't exactly remember the date, I had called all of my friends from my telephone directory, one after another. The call center for my SIM card replied either, "The number you have called is currently switched off. Please try again later," or "The number you are trying to call is currently unreachable." I certainly had to wonder what happened. I used to have so many friends that i could trust; but one day they all seemed to vanish from my sight.
I sat in my room, pondering, trying to decide whether I should try to look for them [which would take many days and nights] or simply accept being alone. After all, in the end, the only person we can really trust is us. I really had to wonder about all of them. We had met in March, the previous year and everyone seemed to be happy together. We held parties for one another, discussed our lives and our plans and hopes for the future. I had not thought or expected that, this year, I wou
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 4 2
For Puabi
Hope springs eternal in woman's breast;
The hope that peace, and love, can bring.
When her heart is quiet and at rest,
A tender voice within it sings.
Love eternal lies within that heart;
The love that hope alone will bring.
For woman may crave so much from the world;
But she craves Love above all things.
And in Puabi's heart is that love, that hope;
That song which she nightly sings.
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 9 0
Mature content
Learn Thy Lesson Well :iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 3 2
Who and what she means to me
In the faint glow of lamp light;
In the shadows of a long night;
Three lights are glowing bright,
From a source so near to me.
They float and drift nearer;
Their features grow clearer, dearer;
They make me feel so right.
They are all I care to see.
Then, a small hand holds my arm;
Faint footsteps echo mine;
Who is it? Who could it be?
It is nobody except my dearest love, Puabi.
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 6 0
No More Tears
No More Tears
Warm, safe, dry and happy indoors
Outdoors, the heavy rain pours down,
Washing everything below;
A cool monsoon wind is blowing around,
But, even so,
Indoors, the air is filled with a light, happy sound;
No more tears to cry.
She is delightful with the peace, and the love, she found,
And she can enjoy,
Until, and long after, I die.
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 13 3
The Champions S03E17 The Dark Passage by Michel-le-fou
Mature content
The Champions S03E17 The Dark Passage :iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 1 4
Who is There?
Who is There?
A sudden storm brings an unknown, unseen caller to my door.
The hour is half past ten PM. The sky is dark with storm clouds, gathering overhead. The streets below my room are almost empty. The wind is high. At first, I hear the  loud rush of pouring rain from my window. A thunderstorm has brewed. I recline in my room and wait for it to abate. Then, I hear a strange. loud knock on my door. At that hour, certainly, I had to wonder who could be calling me. The knocking continued. Before going to open it,of course, I asked,
"Who is there?"
The knocker did not reply with words. Instead, he or she continued to knock loudly. I became a bit annoyed.
"Listen up! I asked you who is calling. You can't be the police. Nobody has reported me. Tell me your name or I will call Society Security!"
The knocking continued as before. Slowly, my annoyance transformed to alarm. Apparently, my caller did not understand my language, but I doubted that he was a foreign
:iconmichel-le-fou:Michel-le-fou 5 2
Welcome to everybody!


Blooming Corn Cockle by KeldBach Blooming Corn Cockle :iconkeldbach:KeldBach 23 0 Reykjavik Shoreline: Faxa Bay + Mount Esja by Coigach Reykjavik Shoreline: Faxa Bay + Mount Esja :iconcoigach:Coigach 70 8 Path to Longbrook by GUDRUN355 Path to Longbrook :icongudrun355:GUDRUN355 27 0
Born in Betrayal
I would never have imagined
that you would be the one to slay me.
But perhaps in your eyes,
I was not the man you thought me to be.
You chose to drive this blade into me
in the coldest manner possible.
Silent and swift as a serpent in the night;
You ensured that my end was probable.
Yet the man had died so long ago;
the only thing he shed was bitter tears.
For though he had lost his faith again,
he had the experience of his years...
And the anguish he felt was so constant,
it dulled his sense to any further pain.
Thrice more would the man call out to her;
before Diablo would walk again...
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 20 0
Untitled by jonkwasnyczka Untitled :iconjonkwasnyczka:jonkwasnyczka 9 0 Threshold by Oseiros Threshold :iconoseiros:Oseiros 5 2 Takin' That Nutty Wildebeest by gytalf2000
Mature content
Takin' That Nutty Wildebeest :icongytalf2000:gytalf2000 2 3
Juss So Goldang'd Preshus by gytalf2000
Mature content
Juss So Goldang'd Preshus :icongytalf2000:gytalf2000 2 1
Winter Araucaria by Miguel-Santos Winter Araucaria :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 408 40
Pact of Blood
You've tried to put on a smile for so long,
but I can see the strains that wear you away.
Sometimes, you feel as though you hardly belong,
and your soul simply trudges through the day.
But fear not my darling, for you are no longer alone...
I am in every breath you take;
every whisper and murmur that your heart makes.
And through your offering, we both are made whole.
I am yours, as you are mine.
Let the blood that seals our pact always remind:
That if you must suffer, so too shall I.
If you must bleed, so too will I.
But after the torment of life is shed;
It will be atop of the graves of our enemies that we make our bed...
So sleep for now and dream of better things,
For with the dawn of the morrow, our conquest begins.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 21 5
Untitled by jonkwasnyczka Untitled :iconjonkwasnyczka:jonkwasnyczka 10 0 forgotten by Ghoulgirl1976 forgotten :iconghoulgirl1976:Ghoulgirl1976 2 0 Powerful Stink by gytalf2000
Mature content
Powerful Stink :icongytalf2000:gytalf2000 11 11
Behold His Fearsome Power by gytalf2000
Mature content
Behold His Fearsome Power :icongytalf2000:gytalf2000 5 4
Silent apparition... by thewolfcreek Silent apparition... :iconthewolfcreek:thewolfcreek 87 28 Breathe by JuhaniViitanen Breathe :iconjuhaniviitanen:JuhaniViitanen 338 14


Well, this warrants special attention because you used three styles in one poem. To start, it was a visual poem, with a solid backgroun...


TUFantasy 2017 The Wine Cellar
This is a midyear 2017 premiere bondage picture for my Old One type OC villain Sheikh Abdullah. Abdullah arrives in middle India in a humanoid form to search for 'brides' who end up as his sex slaves, like before. He meets the family of this girl, who is a Muslim, and they agree to give her away. Typically, the victim expects to have gold/silver jewellery and good clothes, because her family is fairly poor; but, after they all agree to her dowry, he takes her to a remote bungalow with two cellars--a standard basement and this wine cellar, in which he chains her to a wall, takes wine from the bottle behind her and then gives her a real bound blowjob with one tentacle in her mouth and another penetrating her privates.

Four sources:
1. Pose is from a recent Indian sex photo and the victim is my frequently drawn girl.
2.Background is from the original Indian photo except the wine bottle and floor, and tentacles from DOFantasy Buffy in Hell.
Made with Sketchbook.
A Very Separate Cell
Here is the second lady detective, Inspector Neelama, chained and cleave gagged with special chain mail bra in a very separate cell, remote from her colleague, Inspector Geetanjali. My OC Aruna Roi knows that she must seperate them as far as possible; otherwise, they will try to help each other escape from captivity and lesbian sex slavery. Aruna is a lesbian mistress.
Straight Ahead, Inspector
Special midyear artwork of my OC villainness Aruna Roi, who has discovered actually two lady detectives [one in a cell in a separate picture] who are in a team of Crime Branch investigators and are searching for her. However, one after the other, the two ladies are captured and eventually forced, enslaved, by Aruna Roi to serve her while their team mates continue their work.

Here, Aruna is taking Inspector Geetanjali to her cell. It lies, as she explains, straight ahead.


Michel-le-fou's Profile Picture
Michael Rubin
Artist | Professional | Literature
I have been writing since secondary school where I began to receive recognition for my fiction as class assignments. In university I was a section editor for the school newspaper and continued writing stories and poetry as well as news articles and editorials. I received several awards. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from a good university and went abroad, to teach ESL to support my interests, [Writers never earn enough by writing!] I earned good pay and recognition for my skill in teaching too. Recently, I edited and wrote several dissertations. The students I wrote for passed viva voce and got degrees.
My principle genres of fiction are horror and science fiction. Conditions do not warrant me to write long stories like before, but I can manage 10 pages.

Current Residence: Thailand
deviantWEAR sizing preference: xl
Favourite genre of music: rock and jazz
Favourite style of art: surrealism
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: For the past 6 months I switched to iTunes
iFovourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny, doc!
Personal Quote: We do with our dreams and our imagination what is impossible to do in real life

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