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The Case of the Providence Geode [2nd Edition]

Chapter Five. Nancy is Lost in Space

The cultists gathered with Enoch Bowen and Nancy Drew, and proceeded to mutter a phrase that was partly in Egyptian. It was apparently an invocation to the deity of their worship. So far as she could see in the darkness, nobody resembled a Satanist.  Bowen was doubtlessly right. The cult had no affiliation with Satan; but its actions had warranted  disbandment in 1877.  They muttered the words slowly and she could make out only one phrase, the name ‘Nephren Ka’.

As they mumbled this phrase, they sat staring ahead into space and the stone appeared before them in the room. One cultist seized Nancy Drew by her nape and dragged her towards the stone. He forced her to gaze at it. Nancy could neither escape nor object. She sat, bent forward, with her face almost touching the surface of the stone. Ashe stared, her eyes widened in shock.


“Their eyes have met at last,” Rodney Thornton, the British cultist, exclaimed.

“He will come now,” another man replied.

Bowen turned to Nancy Drew. “Now, girl detective, you shall meet our god.”

Nancy Drew heard that identical swishing of flapping wings and saw the glow of that trilobite eye in the darkness around them. For one moment, the room was illuminated as though by firelight. The stone was glowing like a lantern. The wings stopped flapping. Nancy knew that the flying object was landing among them.

At that moment, they seemed to hover aloft in space above the church building. Obviously, the thing’s dimensions were too great for the church; so it transported them away. In that corridor of space, the creature appeared. It was a gigantic, non-human creature that stood erect like man, but it had enormous bat-like wings and a mass of tentacles and a long heavy stalk on which the three lobed eye was attached. It was obviously alien to the mythology of the Catholic Church.

It floated in the space before them and Bowen and the cult paid it homage. Then, it spotted Nancy Drew.

“This girl has been spying on you, is that right?”

“Yes, it is,” Bowen replied.

“How do you intend to dispose of her?”

“We might either leave her corpse in the church as a sacrifice or cast her into space somewhere.”

“Do as you wish. I seek no sacrifice at this time.”

“As you say.”

Nancy tried to object. It continued to eye her.

“You have no way to object or escape now. Just accept your fate and wait for it.”

“Let me go!”

They laughed out loud.

“We might ‘let her go’ in space after all,”  Thornton said, mockingly.

“Do that.”

“This is our god, Nancy Drew. He is called Nyarlathotep, or Haunter of the Darkness.”

“What? Haunter of-?”

“He caused the blackout in the town so that he might return here,” a cultist explained. His words reaffirmed her suspicions that the stone had caused the trouble. Staring into it summoned this monster.

Bowen removed an obsidian hilted dagger and raised it into the air above him. He uttered the phrase with the name again and then only darkness followed. Nancy Drew screamed beneath her gag.  Moments later, Bowen and the cultists reappeared in the church ground. Nancy Drew was lost in space. Nyarlathotep had vanished.

Chapter Six. Hot on the Trail

Back in River Heights, Indiana, Carson Drew worried gnawingly about Nancy. She had neither telephoned nor returned to the town. He suspected that she met with foul play. Not wanting to waste time calling her friends, he left a note that he had gone to find Nancy and prepared his car for the journey. But he had no notion of where she was or what happened to her.

Meanwhile, in the church ground, the cult continued to watch the strange stone. At that moment, it revealed a vast corridor to an unknown dimension. While they watched, the corridor slowly unraveled before them. It disclosed shapes and forms unlike any in any other dimension. Then it dissipated like a mist. They rose and headed for the door of the church.

Carson Drew drove relentlessly along the northeastern highway towards Rhode Island. Like Nancy, he drove for several days without rest. He arrived at city limits and discovered that, then, the whole city had blacked out.  He suspected that something strange had occurred. Carson Drew searched for an inn or small hotel in the area; but all places seemed as dark as tombs. Suddenly, his mind began to imagine a tomb of ancient Egypt with hieroglyphs and pictures of Egyptian gods or people painted on the walls. Not knowing anything about Egyptian history, he could not decipher the hieroglyphs. Eventually he imagined a doorway with a soft, faint glow behind it and headed for it. The vision dissipated and he stood at the reception desk of a small hotel. The receptionist, a woman with slightly foreign look and standing about five feet four inches tall, went to meet him with a flashlight.

“This blackout is weird,” she said. “Would you want a room, sir?”

“Yes, I would.”

“For how many nights, sir?”

“Um, one or two nights.”

“A single room?”

“That’s right.”

“Wait a moment, sir?”

“Thank you.”

A moment later, she re-emerged with a key and led him upstairs to second floor. It had totally sixteen rooms of various sizes. They paused at the door of one room, and she unlocked the door. As he looked into it, Carson Drew imagined a tomb again. He saw similar stone walls, but no pictures.

“Will this room be okay, sir?”

The vision disappeared and he saw a three-foot bed with a cabinet, wardrobe and attached bath.

“Yes, it will. Thank you.”

They returned to the reception room, where he paid for the room and completed registration. He wondered why he had imagined the interior of tombs.

After completing the registration forms, Carson Drew returned to his car and headed for the geology museum. He ignited his headlamps to penetrate the darkness. In that heavy darkness, he spent almost one hour driving and searching for the museum; but he finally found it. An official was talking with a guard at the security kiosk when he approached. He overheard them.

“What’s the matter, gentlemen?” he asked.

“That stone we received has disappeared.”

“Stolen, maybe?”

“Maybe. We don’t know for sure, but it is missing.”

Carson Drew realized that the stone played a part in Nancy’s dilemma. He searched the immediate environment for signs of Nancy or her personal items, but he found nothing. He was puzzled and worried. How could Nancy simply disappear? Failing to find her, he returned daunted to his room at the hotel. He washed his face and lay down to rest. Slowly, night fell in the city. He drifted to sleep, and began to dream.

Carson Drew dreamed that he was lying in an open sarcophagus, in a tomb, somewhere in Egypt. He vaguely saw the images he saw before. Then he heard foreign voices and their accent was heavy. They sounded like his receptionist. He supposed that they were Asiatic or Middle Eastern.

“Who is this man?” one asked.

“Why is he in the tomb?” asked another.

“There may be a spell on him,” a third replied.

Carson Drew felt that they were standing by his sarcophagus and looking at him. But the darkness was so heavy that he saw nobody. Suddenly, they shut his sarcophagus. Carson Drew screamed and awoke in his room. Just then, he saw the receptionist and a foreigner standing at the bedside and looking at him. Carson Drew turned to look at them.

“How did you come in?” he asked them.

The receptionist held up the key for him. “You left the key in the lock, sir. Please be more careful.”

“I will.”

She left the key on his cabinet and they left the room.

The Case of the Providence Geode [2nd Edition] p.2
Chapters 5 and 6.
Nancy Drew witnesses the summoning of Haunter of the Dark, an avatar of Nyarlathotep which caused the blackout to return to earth. But the cult banishes her to space somewhere. Carson Drew, Nancy's father, follows her to search and takes a room in a small local hotel. However, both en rute and in the hotel, he imagines tombs and dreams of lying in a sarcophagus in Egypt. When the lid is shut over him, he wakes up and finds the hoitel staff, both ME stock, possibly Egyptian, standing over his bed. They used his key, which somehow he left in the lock before his search. At the museum, he learns that the stone, the Trapezohedron, has disappeared. The cult manipulated it to summon Nyarlathotep.

The Case of the Providence Geode [2nd Edition]

Chapter One. The Thing from the Bay

There was a large gathering of men at the mouth of Narragansett Bay, on the afternoon of March 25. The Providence municipality had ordered a dredging crew to probe the water, following reports that fish and other things in the bay were altered.  The crew of four men assembled at the bay by half-past 4 that day. They brought a line and net with them, and lowered it slowly into the bay at the mouth. The net eventually found and snared something hard and heavy, like stone. The crew notified their contractors, who stood further inland, that they had discovered something. They spent about one hour hauling it out of the bay; but, around a quarter till six, they had succeeded.  Then, everyone there gathered around the object. They gaped in awe and disbelief.

The object was, in fact, a stone. It was black in hue, with reddish streaks of an unknown element, and facets that were finely formed albeit very asymmetrical.

“What on earth is it?” one of the spectators gasped.

“It seems rather unearthly, judging from its appearance,” another remarked.

The team agreed with their contractors to hand the stone over to the local museum of geology. As they packed it for transport, one teamster, aged 37 years, was draw to it unnaturally. He stood staring at it until the municipal carrier arrived to load it. His mate asked him about it.

“Hey, Ralph, d’you see anything in that?”

“Um, yeah, I-I suppose I did.”

“Whatcha see?”

“It’s rather hard to explain. Something as strange as the stone itself, though, to be honest.”

A few seconds later, the carrier arrived and they loaded it inside. Then, the driver hauled it off to the museum.

Chapter Two. Mysterious Events at the Museum

In the year 1987, the municipality of Providence had commissioned an architect to construct the Museum of Geology. The museum was completed by March of 1988. Then, only a few samples were delivered to the museum for study. The delivery was done with a small or medium tempo, and the temp has been used until the time of this story.

The tempo carrying the strange stone arrived at the threshold of the museum at 7 PM, that night. A few staff were still on duty in the museum. They heard the carrier’s motor and went out to receive it. One delivery staff alighted and the three men unloaded the stone. The sky was already dark then, and a few small stars shone more or less overhead. The moon seemed either new or concealed by clouds. While the men unloaded the stone, it emitted a pale glow that attracted one man’s attention. He paused to look at it and yelled.

“Oh my God!”

“What’s the matter, Walter?”

“Something in the stone looked back at me!”

“Come off it, man. Nothing can exist in a stone.”

“No, I swear it! It looked like a big eye1!”

They moved swiftly and the intendant guided them through the corridor of the museum to the storage depot. They locked the stone in that and the two staff resumed their tasks. The delivery man returned to the tempo, which departed immediately afterwards. At half past 7, the three attendants finished and locked the gate; and then, everyone went home.

Not more than thirty minutes after they had departed, when the museum was suddenly engulfed in a heavy, dense shroud of darkness. The stone re-emitted its glow. One after another, the rows of street lights along the avenue to the museum flickered weakly and blacked out. One moment later, the avenue was as dark as the museum.

In their two-floor townhouse in River Heights, attorney at large Carson Drew and his daughter Nancy, then 19 years old, sat reading the newspaper in their living room. Nancy suddenly gasped.

“What’s the matter, Nancy?”

“Dad, a strange stone has arrived in Providence, Rhode Island for study and the road nearby blacked out.”


“Someone there delivered a strange crystalline stone for study, to the museum, and the museum and the road leading to it both blacked out!”

“Let me see that.”

She handed him the page of national news and he browsed the article. He nodded, as puzzled as she was.

“Very mysterious.”


Carson Drew suspected, rightly, that Nancy would investigate it. She had not done detection work for almost one year. She would, and very soon too.

Chapter Three. On the Way

Nancy Drew wasted no time. She did not even contact Ned Nickerson or her friends, Bess Marvin and Georgia Fayne. Early the next morning, she rose and checked all the equipment of her car.  Carson Drew was waking to start his day’s work and noticed her. He knew she was going to Rhode Island. He warned her to go safely. Nancy climbed into her car, fastened her safety belt and said goodbye. Then, she started the engine and hurried away. The journey from River Heights, Indiana, to Providence, Rhode Island was long and exhausting. It needed several days. When Nancy arrived at the city limits, by late evening, she was amazed to discover that lights were on in the town center only. The peripheral communities were as dark as the museum and the avenue it stood on. Although several days had passed since the events occurred, the blackout was at critical level. Nancy’s intuition warned her that someone, or thing, strange was responsible for it.

‘This blackout has weird dimensions and I’ll bet that the stone thing is involved.’

Nancy intensified the light of her headlamps and aimed them straight ahead; then, she continued the trip to the museum. For the most part of the trip, her headlamps stayed on; but, no sooner had she neared the museum and the avenue, then her headlamps extinguished as suddenly as the streetlamps and the museum lights. Nancy gasped out loud.

‘Someone wants to be left unseen!’

Nancy looked around her car. She noticed the darkened museum and avenue. Suddenly, she heard a strange flapping in the sky over the museum and looked upwards. She glimpsed, albeit remotely, a shining in three parts. The dimensions of the shine were larger than her car headlamps. It seemed to resemble a trilobite burning eye2. The darkness naturally obscured the remainder of the thing flying through the sky. Within a few seconds, the flapping grew faint and Nancy realized that the flying thing was leaving the museum area for somewhere. She did not know that it was heading towards another, remote sector of the city.

Chapter Four. A Peril Most Peculiar

Nancy Drew decided instantly to try to pursue the flying object and, by doing so, learn its destination and purpose. As long as she could hear the flapping of its wings, which grew steadily fainter, she could home in on its path.  Eventually, it lured Nancy to the remoter sector of the city, titled Federal Hill, in essentially the same latitude. After driving for almost two hours, Nancy Drew discovered a rather tall, dark building of Gothic design, with an arched doorway3. Thereat, the wings stopped flapping.

Nancy parked her car softly, nearby, and alighted. She crept carefully towards the threshold and tested the doors. They both were padlocked. Nancy deducted that the place had been banned. In fact, it was closed forcibly in 1877. She summoned all her courage and searched her clothes for a straight pin. She found one in her purse and inserted it into the lock. After twisting inside the lock, she broke it. The door finally opened but the interior emitted a pungent odor of putrefaction that made her feel nauseous. Nancy almost vomited.

Nancy crept slowly into the seemingly vast parlor of the building. It was shrouded by a dark, rank haze or mist and she barely distinguished the columns and arches of the room. Nancy switched on her flashlight and swept it around the parlor. The beam finally rested at a new arch and Nancy crept towards it, depending solely on her hearing. In the room, the beam illuminated the columns and walls, and arched supports; but it also illuminated a loose cluster of human skeletons. Nancy gasped. Suddenly, from somewhere in the darkness near her, a man’s voice spoke to her.

“Well, well! My church has brought a little snooper. Who are you?”

“My name is Nancy. Who are you?”

“I am Enoch Bowen, Nancy. I am the founder of this church.”

Nancy agreed subconsciously that it resembled a Gothic or Victorian cathedral; but she saw no images of Jesus. She was puzzled.

“Is it a church? There are no statues of the Christ here.”

“My congregation does not worship Jesus, Nancy.”

“Do you worship Satan?”

“Who is this Satan?”

She began to explain to him but his tone and feel convinced her that he would not understand. She stopped. He laughed out loud, and his laughter resounded. It unnerved her.

“La Vey would never design anything like this. No. We worship an older and more powerful being than this Satan.”

“Who or what do you worship?” she asked, a bit edgily.

“You’ll see.”

There was a quiet rush of air, which Nancy Drew felt faintly, behind her; and then, she felt a sudden heavy blow at the back of her head. Seconds later, she lost consciousness.

About one hour later, Nancy regained her consciousness. However, she soon discovered that she was a room like the first, deeper in the building. It was about 80 meters from the threshold. This room had the same structure and features as the first. An identical odor from one side alerted Nancy. She deducted that there were skeletons or bones there. Nancy sat about 10 meters from the pile, hogtied and gagged.  The voice spoke again.

“Nancy Drew, from Indiana.”

Apparently, after knocking her out, Bowen had searched her clothes and purse for identification and found her citizen ID.

“Hmmm! If I am not mistaken, then you would be that teenage detective.”


“Well, you will be disabled for a while, Miss Nancy Drew, girl detective.”

A few seconds later, a group of men six feet tall and wearing black hooded cloaks4</sub? swarmed into the parlor. They noticed that the padlocks were removed from the door. One man called to Bowen loudly. He had the clip of a Yorkshire man. Bowen, or his ghost, strode into the parlor to receive them.

“Bowen! I say, Bowen. Who unlocked the door for us?”

“We have a visitor, Rodney. A girl detective from Indiana.”

“A girl detective, eh? Well, we will just have to finish her then.”

Bowen led him into the room where he kept Nancy Drew. The hoodie gazed at her unemotionally, and said, “This kind of work is not good for girl to do.”


“If I were you, I would think twice. But you will not get that chance, I am afraid.”

1.the eye of Nyarlathotep, a three-lobed eye
2. ibid.
3.The Church of Starry Wisdom
4. The Brotherhood of Black Pharaoh

The Case of the Providence Geode [2nd Edition]
This is the new edition of The Mystery of the Providence Geode, a Nancy Drew mystery story featuring the Shining Trapezohedron and Nyarlathotep. Chapters 1-4.
The stone is dredged from Narraganset Bay, Rhode Island, where, according to the series about it between Robert Bloch and Lovecraft, it was dumped. After being transported to a local museum, the stone causes a blackout. Nyarlathotep cannot move in light. Two men have gazed into the stone and, inadvertently, summoned him. Meanwhile, Nancy Drew reads about it at home. She hurries to investigate it and finds the city almost totally dark. After prowling in the compound, she finds skeletons; but Enoch Bowen knocks her out and ties her up. Then, the Black Brotherhood enters with a British member from Yorkshire.
Nancy follows the sound of wings and a strange glowing three lobed eye to the site.


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